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An Alternative to Traditional Finance Lenders

After 25 years of owning, operating, maintaining and manufacturing aircraft and equipment, we certainly understand the critical nature of financing aviation ventures and hence now provide New Zealand based entities with aircraft finance and leasing options on our aircraft sales as well as on a range of our aviation support services.

We are 100% committed to growing and developing the General Aviation industry in New Zealand and Australia, and during our 25 years in the industry, we know the challenges of doing business in aviation and understand that access to capital and cash flow is often the decisive factor between success and failure.

Our finance and leasing options include:

 Aircraft Purchase     • Turn Key Leasing     • Overhauls     • Role Equipment     • Avionics     • CD-155 Engine Upgrade

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Each and every situation regarding finance in the aviation business is unique and therefore it is best to discuss what options may be available to you.

For more information, please get in touch with Josh Camp.

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Josh Camp

Josh Camp

Managing Director

Based in Queenstown

The Benefits Of Our Finance And Leasing Options

The Benefits Of Our Finance And Leasing Options

For Aviators By Aviators

As our business is aviation first, we understand all aspects of your business. We offer realistic, personal alternatives to finace and leasing.

MRO Options

We understand the what a day, a week or a month AOG means for the bottom line and offer options for turbine overhauls, role equipment purchases, avionics upgrades and more.

Aircraft Sales

Need help getting finance to purchase an offshore aircraft? We have options available here and can assist in the logistics while we're at it.

Our Aircraft

CD-155 Upgrade

Finance the upgrade of your Cessna 172 or Piper PA28 with the Continental Diesel CD-155 engine.

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